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How To Extend Your Smartphone�s Battery Life

2019-03-26      Posted by Admin

Smartphones are undoubtedly one of the most used gadgets in the world.

Earlier there were only a few apps and hence the battery used to last longer as compared to these days.

The increase in apps and games has made us all addicted, keeps us glued to the screen and hence the battery gets drained.

We can’t really control the increasing number of apps but there are a lot of other ways which can help us save the battery and extend our smartphone’s battery life.



Keep Your Screen Brightness Low

We know that the smartphone display looks eye-catching when the brightness is increased but there’s no denying the fact that it consumes your battery at a very fast pace.

Always keep the brightness level low or turn on the auto-brightness feature on your phone to automatically adjust the screen’s brightness level.

This will help you extend your phone’s battery life.



Don’t Leave Apps Running In The Background 

Try to shut close the apps after use and don’t let them run in the background.

When you leave the apps running in the background, each app that is left open consumes your phone’s power due to it’s running load.

Always make sure you check the apps running in the background and if you don’t really require to leave them on, quit using them by removing from the background and you can even uninstall the apps you don’t use anymore.



Turn-On Power Saving Mode

Almost every smartphone comes with the power saving feature.

When you turn the power saving mode on your phone it manages the various power consuming features that unnecessarily consume the phone’s battery life.

It prevents the apps from automatically updating in the background, turns the brightness low and much more.

On iOS, this feature automatically turns on when your phone’s battery gets down to 20 percent.



Avoid Using Fast Charging 

Fast charging degrades the phone battery life as it stresses the battery.

Avoid switching to fast charging if you don’t necessarily need to.

Avoid connecting your phone with laptops or computers in order to charge them because it makes the battery weak.



Reduce Screen Time-out 

Screen time-out refers to the automatic shutdown of your phone screen when you leave it unused.

There are various time options available in the auto lock on your phone starting from 30sec to 2minutes.

Try setting your screen lock on 30 seconds or one minute, this will surely help you reserve your battery.


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